November 02, 2009

And This Year's Golden Crow Winners Are...

2009's most Disgusting/Reviled/Annoying people and TV programs in China, all chosen by Chinese Netizens. They are a bad way.

For a more detailed description about the nature of the Chinese Golden Crow Award and this year's campaigning phase, please read this.

(The following is not a translation. The original threads are very funny, but my translation is not good enough to do them justice.)

The Queen of Votes -- Vivibear

Swedish-Chinese novelist Vivibear received 12150 votes, the most among all nominees and the highest ever since Golden Crow began in 2004. Her glory has eclipsed even that of her predecessor Guo, Jingming, post-80 writer/idol/plagiarist (郭敬明, abbreviated GJM). The widespread and enthusiastic support seems surprising, because she is the least famous of all the celebrities who have ever been nominated for the Golden Crow. I guess all that hard work of plagiarizing 200 500 writers, running wild on the internet, and calling her readers "morons" "immoral" finally paid off.

Vivibear placed first in the 2009 GJM Category.

Let's Watch the Meteor Showers (一起去看流行雨)

The awkward Chinese mainland idol drama received 12500 votes...OK, I think Golden Crow personnel can't do math. How is 12500 less than 12150? It is simultaneously lei (雷*) and jiong (囧*), a combination no one should be asked to endure. But hey, this is the 10000th remake of the Japanese girl manga Hana Yori Dango, what did people expect?

Let's Watch the Meteor Showers placed first in the Most Lei Movie Category.

*Lei literally means being struck by lightning or accidentally stepping on a mine. People use it to express their shock.
*Jiong means embarrassing, startling, and/or resigned. (湖南卫视)

From shanzhai (山寨*) Chinese idol and Unbeatable Ugly Girl, to Meteor Showers, has continuously shown to the Chinese populace that, when it comes to this TV station, no expectations can be too low. Its unparalleled marketing strategy of hiring "Gunmen"* to promote them online has long attracted attention. received 8336 votes, placing first in the Gunman Category

*Shanzhai, , a Chinese term for low cost copycat

*Gunmen, 枪手, a term that has many meanings. In this case it is Netizens who praise or denigrates another out of some ulterior move--such as money--while pretending they don't have any special interest at all

Chen, Luyu (陈鲁豫)

Chen, Luyu is the host of talk show A Date with Luyu. She has often been called the Chinese Oprah, but really Oprah is never this unprofessional.

Example 1. Chen, Luyu asked an openly homosexual Taiwanese star whether coming out made his parents sad. The question would have been profound if his parents didn't die like 100 years before he made the announcement.

Example 2. She laughingly asked a driver who had hit a pedestrian and almost killed him: "How high did he fly? How many times did he rotate in the air?"

First in the Most Disgusting Female Artist Category

Gao, Xiaosong (高晓松)

9432 votes.

This musician/composer/producer unabashedly supported Ms. Ceng, Yike during the Supergirl Singing Competition (from, repeatedly praising the girl that everybody else thought sang like a sheep and played the guitar like she just learned it yesterday (She probably just learned it yesterday). The fact that Ceng was later exposed for plagiarism didn't really improve people's opinion of either his taste or judgment.

First in the Most Disgusting Male Artist

Naocan Cult (脑残, naocan, or NC means handicapped brain and mental retardation)

This cult is everybody and nobody, encompassing any one who exhibits symptoms such as lacking a brain.

10331 votes, guaranteeing that Naocan Cult is 2009's Most Disgusting Group.

If you understand Chinese, I would recommend

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