November 16, 2009

Free Proxies

People need to get in the GFW. People need to get out of the GFW. Either way, a reliable proxy can come in handy. Unfortunately, of all the free ones I tried, none were very stable. Usability spans maximum of a week.

Online Proxies

: Easy to use. One can simply type in the URL of the block site and hit enter. The Ports they have are already checked and verified to be valid.
Disadvantages: Can be slow. Websites that feature Javascript often don't display properly.

If pages do not display properly, go back and make sure that the "Remove Scripts" field is un-checked. It sometimes helps.

Individual Ports

Advantages: Better display for dynamic elements on webpages
Disadvantages: User must check for themselves that the ports still work. In addition, web browsers must be configured properly.

Socks 4/5

I tried to use this for some online gaming stuff because socks4/5 allows web browsing as well as data transfer. The problem, as with "Individual Ports," is that a reliable and long-lasting one proves very difficult to find.

Also for Socks 4 and Socks 5, one needs to install a program like SocksCap 2.40 (freeware) first.

**I personally prefer configuring internet browers and using socks 4/5.

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