November 07, 2009

Thai Horror "Coming Soon" โปรแกรมหน้า วิญญาณอาฆาต

Director: Sopon Sukdapisit
Genre: Horror
Year: 2008

The Thai horror movie industry appears to be flourishing these days, Shutter, Alone, Coffin, 4bia...It has spawned a respectable number of productions, though not all are created equally scary.

Coming soon, which was released in 2008, starts off with an advanced screening of a horror flick having the same name ("Coming Soon"). As a marketing gimmick to entice the audience, the movie comes with the claim that it is based on a true story. However, much to the dismay of those who saw said film the creepy effect lingers long after the viewing, because everyone who watched it mysteriously dies, and bodies somehow are transported into the movie itself.

Former boyfriend and girlfriend Chen (played by Ter-Chantavit Dhanasevi) and Peoll (played by Punch-Vorakarn Rojjanavatchra), also protagonists in this movie, inevitably become entangled and are persistently haunted by a vengeful ghost. To avoid looming death, the two set out to find the true story behind the making of Coming Soon. From there the tension continuously builds, climaxing when the truth is finally revealed.

The ghost's makeup is designed to have an all-around repelling effect, compounding the baleful venomous stare with an thoroughly dirty look. If one is not scared, then one is nauseated by the suspicious yellow chemical that coats the ghost's body. The turn off is effective either way. And I am very serious about the atmosphere being spooky. The manner in which the ghost stalks the victims is reminiscent of classics such as Ju-0n. It will make your heart pound.

At this point, I would almost say Coming Soon is a fine movie. Alas no, it was good until the last 30 seconds. Then it crashed. Since I don't want to ruin the fun for those who stumble upon this review, I shall conclude with this advice for the director: More is not always better; stalking is much more creepier than a direct confrontation.

Rating: 5.5 out of 10

P.S. Anyone has recs for good horror movies?

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