November 12, 2009

More Maps...This Time of the World

Before I totally forget, here is a follow up to a previous post "China According to Various People". This time, Taiwanese and Americans throw in their two cents.

I hope no one is offended, but I know some probably will be. The thing is that every stereotype and generalization began with a moment (or moments) of truth. Totally unfounded rumors do not last long under the scrutiny of the masses. Thus, even though they might be offending, pictures like these reveal much, both about the people writing the comments and those who are being judged.

The world as seen by Taiwanese

The world as seen by Koreans...

Actually, since this is drawn by a Taiwanese pretending the Korean point of view, the map has more to do with "how Taiwanese and Chinese mainlanders think Koreans view the world."

I believe most people would be perplexed, thinking "where does this map come from?" If so, please read Also, as reported by Chinese news recently, a scholar on Korean TV station KBS claimed that an area near Hong Kong was once a Korean colony.

The world according to the Americans

The world according to former President Bush (previously hosted on a Japanese website)


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