November 04, 2009

Tuvan Folk Music "Silent Sky" (寂静的天空)

I am in love with this song.

“Silent Sky” comes from an album (also titled Silent Sky) composed by HAYA (哈雅) Band, an ethnic music group in Qinghai Province of China. The vocalization is done by Ms. Daiqing Tana (代青 塔娜).

Those who understand Chinese will realize that "Silent Sky" isn't sung entirely in mandarin. As a matter of fact, it is a modified Tuvan folk melody. The lyrics is part Mongolian, part Mandarin. Being ignorant on the Mongolian language, I don't know what she sang in the first part. But the second half can be roughly translated as:

There in that windy grass steppe
Is the man who has my heart
Wind, be gentle
Listen to his melancholy song
Moon, grace him with your light
Fire, keep him warm

风啊 你轻轻吹
月亮啊 你照亮他
火光啊 你温暖他

Record Company--Wind Music (风潮音乐)
For Information about the band and the singer-- I have a hard time agreeing with their description of the music being "majestic". Personally I would have chosen peaceful, pure, tranquil, or some adjective along those lines.

I also found the original version--I don't like it because it makes me think of dead people.

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