November 16, 2009

Obama Walking Alone in Rain, Chinese Netizens Impressed

When Air Force 1 touched down on November 15, 2009 at Shanghai Pudong International Airport, countless Chinese witnessed President Obama getting off the airplane. Much to their surprise, President Obama actually held his own umbrella to keep off the rain. This act alone set off a wave of Obama-mania. In China, officials are accompanied by an entourage whenever they step out of their offices so that in case weather sours, there will always be enough people to hold the umbrellas for them.

Mayor and Vice Secretary of Yicheng, Hubei seen with their dedicated umbrella holders

Here are a collection of memorable comments from Chinese Netizens:

Netizen 1:
Strange. Why isn't there anybody to hold the umbrella for him? Are they all dead or what?

Netizen 2:
Obama holding his own umbrella presents a very nice image.

Netizen 3:
What's this? Where are the American ass-kissers?

Netizen 4:
What is public servant? What is democracy? What is freedom? This clearly is.

Netizen 5:
Did the Communist Party create the rain artificially?

Netizen 6:
The goverment even made sunny days for the Olympics.

Netizen 6:
You all have not kept up with current events. Ever since an official was exposed for letting others hold his umbrella, all the Chinese leaders started holding their own umbrellas.

Netizen 7:
Obama should feel relaxed here. China, unlike other countries, will not permit public demonstrations and protests.

Netizen 8:
On the contrary, he would probably feel very unaccustomed.



  1. This sounds like the makings of a great crosstalk routine. This brought to mind the extremely awkward McCain MLK Jr. Day speech, the entirety of which was given from underneath the shelter of an umbrella held by a black state trooper. Talk about bad optics!

  2. LOL. I think McCain had other problems besides his image on that day?

  3. Lol, I'm luvvin these comments ;)


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