March 01, 2010

Guangxi Official Suspended from Duties Because of "Porn Diary Gate"

No doubt this will serve as a deterrent to some future officials keeping such detailed records of their decadent and corrupt lives.

Translation: Tencent 广西“局长香艳日记”男主角被停职审查(already "harmonized",first reported by ChinaNews Nanning. Entire diary available at Ifeng (Don't mind the photo. Someone pointed out it might be false)

Han Feng is the first man on the right, wearing glasses

On the evening of March 1st, a spokesperson for Guangxi's Tobacco Monopoly Bureau (广西烟草专卖局, Guangxi division of China National Tobacco Corp) told the press that branch director Hanfeng (韩峰) from Laibin city (来宾市) has been suspended from his duties and is now under formal investigation for possible illegal conduct. Han Feng recently came under fire when his explicit diary entries about personal sexual encounters somehow leaked to the internet.

Written from the first person point of view, the diary has caught on like wild fire on websites both domestic and overseas. The entries are terse a la the currently fashionable microblogs, but their contents are "very yellow (Chinese expression for pornographic) and very violent." They span a time period from 2007 to 2008, recording in great detail Direct Han's daily life. Besides going to work and spending time with family, a noticeable chunk of his time was consumed by the following three activities: imbibing alcohol, sleeping with women, and accepting bribes. In the diary, this official mentioned 6 women with whom he maintained intimate relationships, their real names, as well as some of these women's addresses and door numbers.

Netizens quickly initiated the "human flesh search." They determined that writer of the diary was Han, who was at first Laibin city's branch director for National Tobacco Corp, then became the director of the Laws and Regulations Department of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region's Tobacco Monopoly Bureau and finally, prior to "Diary Gate," director of sales at Guangxi's Tobacco Monopoly Bureau.

On February 22, Guangxi's Tobacco Monopoly Bureau convened for a special session after officials heard about the diary. Because the scandal severely interfered with Han's normal work, he was suspended and subsequently subjected to initial investigations by the Ministry of Supervision. Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region's Tobacco Monopoly Bureau admitted: "Preliminary investigations revealed that contents of "Director's Diary" were not groundless." Formal investigation is currently under way.

Excerpts from the diary:

September 16, Sunday 4-31oC, Sunny

Sha (莎) went grocery shopping this morning. At noon, Wang Shucheng (王书城) called me up for lunch at Guijing Hotel (桂景大酒店). It was just the two of us. He gave me two bottles of Maotai and 50,000 yuan. I deposited 30,000, and took 20,000 home.

September 18, Sunday 21-32oC, Sunny

Spent the morning at the dormitory. Reserved a room at Guo Da (a reference to some hotel) before going to the office this afternoon. Rong Riqian (容日谦) and others came. Tomorrow they will take the civil service exam. Drank a lot of wine with them in the evening. Arrived at Guo Da sometime past 11. Xiao Tan (小谭) was already there. She is having her period, so she used X to do it with me (either anal or oral sex)."

November 6, Tuesday 11-25oC, Sunny

Organized materials for the "Civility and Politeness" seminar in the morning. At noon, Li Dehui (李德辉) came from Xiamen, so I had lunch with them, and we drank. Afternoon was at the dormitory. In the evening I ate dinner with Huang Guiting (黄桂廷) and others, drank a lot. Huang's group is leaving for Chongqing and Chengdu tomorrow. I am letting A Su (阿苏) and Tan Shanfang (谭善芳) go too. Around 10 P.M., Tan Shanfang drove me to her house. We fucked 3 times at night, and one more time at dawn. Did not ejaculate.

January 22, Tuesday 3-5oC, light rain

In the morning went directly from Guo Da to office. Attended the State Council's 10 o'clock teleconference on security. Enjoyed some shots with A Dong (阿东) at noon, and then went to tea at Liao Feng's (廖峰) place. Came back to Nan Ning at 3:30 PM. Got a Nokia 6300 from Gao Xiang (高翔), because I promised Liao Feng [a phone].

January 25, Friday 4-7oC, rain

During the morning discussion, we talked about me getting the group leadership in Yu Lin (玉林), Wu Zhou (玉林) and Laibin (来宾). Summary and recognition meeting in the afternoon. We are advanced level (先进) again. That means full salary this year, about 250,000 yuan. Son arrived in the morning; dinner at Da Hui Feng (大惠丰) for three of us. Came back after dinner to finish up my work report. After I revise a little tomorrow will hand over to them.

These are only a few of the entries.


  1. This girl is not Tan Shanfang, please google "淫乱日记所传女主角真人现身 称相片被盗用".

  2. @ The China Times

    Oh wow. Thanks for pointing that out. There were many photos of his alleged lovers floating on the internet. I linked to Ifeng because it is a reputable newspaper, it sounded sure about the woman's identity, and photo is at least blurred. =.=b

    I have taken it off.

    And it is strange that a search on Baidu News returned no results


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