March 15, 2010

Animation: Feelings of Mountains and Waters

To some, "Feelings of Mountains and Waters" (Chinese: 山水情) is the last work that can rightly be called Chinese animation. As the person who uploaded this video on Youtube wrote: " 'Feelings of Mountains and Waters' was the final sound Chinese animation made before it disappeared completely from view. Starting from the 1990s, animations were considered to be commercial products rather than works of art. Techniques improved while good contents were rare...The productions today, though made in China, merely hybridize American and Japanese styles. The glaring absence of pure Chinese elements bespeaks a Chinese tragedy..."

All the editorializing aside, "Feelings of Mountains and Waters" is an excellent piece that showcases traditional Chinese art and music. Its title is rather appropriate, as the animation aims to invoke feelings instead of providing a heart-pounding story.

First Half

Second Half

Tudou Link

More information in Chinese

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