October 10, 2009

Woman Shuts Off Electricity to Neighbor's Apartment to Win an Online Game

I play a similar (probably the same) game. If this article is an indication of people's determination to win, then no wonder my fields always get raided, even at midnight Chinese time.


Zhao Jing and Tang Hong, who are neighbors living on the same floor, share a common hobby -- an online virtual farming game where players can grow, harvest, or steal (fellow players') crops. This past Independence holiday both of them stayed at home. With so much free time, they could concentrate on being "city farmers", and somehow, this led to a fight.

Zhao Jing and Tang Hong live at Hong Ling Apartment Complex in Dalian City. They are good friends and often hang out together. A few weeks ago co-workers invited Zhao Jing to a website that offers an online farming game. She thought it was a fun application, taking great enjoyment in planting and stealing. She in turn taught Tang Hong how to play.

During the long Independence holiday, they planted more expensive crops than usual, because not having to work they could pay more attention to their game status and prevent others from stealing their plants.

On the nights of October 4th and 5th, Zhao Jing's apartment experienced strange power outages whenever her crops are about to be ripe for picking. Though the outages only last about five minutes, this time is enough for a lot of her crops to be stolen. Zhao Jing became quite annoyed. Thus, on October 6th, she stayed by her apartment door, using the peephole to see if anyone is playing tricks on her. What she saw was surprising: Tang Hong walking to the breaker boxes and flipping the switches which controlled the electrical lines to Zhao Jing's home.

Furious, Zhao Jing screamed at her friend: "Even if you want to steal plants, you should not have cut off my electricity!" This started a heated argument. After the fight ended, the two are no longer on speaking terms.

The manager at Hong Ling Apartments decided to mediate. She advised them, "Are you willing to give up so many years of friendship just because of one virtual game? It is not even real houses at the stake here."

Zhao Jing asked Tang Hong, "If you wanted to steal my plants, you should have told me. Why go to the trouble of cutting off my electricity? What if the electronic appliances break?"

Tang Hong replied, she didn't think through the matter. Since Zhao Jing is an old hand at the game, she always stole Tang's plants, but Tang never had the pleasure to return the favor. Tang admit that what she did was stupid, something she thought up at the moment and regretted afterwards. "It won't happen again," Tang promised.

1. This sounds so fake. Don't the news editors have better things to do?
2. Tang is creative! My daughter also plays this game, so I should do the same to her friends.
3. This is a blatant advertisement for the game.
4. What game?
5. Are these women retarded?


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