October 03, 2009

Kaixin Poll: What "skill(s)" did you fail to learn growing up?

The options paint a fairly accurate picture of how life was like back then. Chinese youths these days have become too sedentary, because the academic pressures is often crushing.

Format is "Skill--Number of People Voted--Percentage Out of All the People Who Voted"

Using chopsticks: 2571 (9%) -- I wonder if they mean "the correct method of holding chopsticks"; otherwise, how do these people eat???

Tying shoelaces: 633 (2%)

Whistle blowing: 13012 (47%)

Snapping fingers: 6216 (23%)

Swimming: 13220 (48%) -- Implies lack of natural and/or unpolluted streams, and swimming facilities

Rope Jumping: 888 (3%) -- We used to have rope jumping contests!

Badminton: 1093 (4%) -- Seriously, this should be considered one of the Chinese national sports.

Table Tennis: 6189 (23%) -- Again, implies lack of facilities

Mahjong: 9429 (34%) -- This, coupled with gambling, is the favorite past-time of many adults

Poker: 1912 (7%)

Sit Ups: 863 (3%) -- One of the "skills" my PE classes tested for :'(

Pen twirling: 5019 (18%)

Bicylce:2112 (8%) -- How else do you go from one place to another, esp. if there is no public transportation system in your home city?

Blowing Bubblegum:1677 (6%)

Climbing Trees:16611 (61%) -- There are fewer trees in my city now.

Others: 2829 (10%)

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