October 18, 2009

I don't want to be Fenqing, but this news makes me depressed.

Took a nap. After waking up, a friend sent me this article on Jiang, Yan's husband. "Anyone still remember the girl who committed suicide because her husband Wang, Fei Cheated on Her"? For background on Jiang Yan suicide, go to http://www.zonaeuropa.com/20080120_1.htm

The problem is that the marriage laws in China are "strange." According to the information that I found on-line, one literally has to catch the adulterers naked, in the act, and in one's own home to prove infidelity. I think a pregnancy outside of wedlock might count as evidence but there are people who say no. Never a day goes by without some Chinese woman on-line crying about her father, grandfather, or husband cheating--it is all very numbing.


Are there people who still remember Jiang, Yan from two years ago? She jumped off a building because her husband Wang, Fei cheated on her. I heard Wang, Fei is being promoted now and making a fortune.


I saw online what people who know Wang wrote. Wang, Fei married that third party (Chinese word for those who sleep with married people and break up marriages) Dong, Fang. What's more, he is being promoted now and making a fortune. I think about Jiang, Yan, and I have to sigh. If only she resisted the urge and lived, how good it would have been.


  来爆个小料:大家还记得两年前因为出轨导致老婆跳楼的事情么?(魅力1千) Post By:2009-10-16 9:32:00
(The insider story)
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Everybody remembers the girl who at the end of 2007 jumped off from the 24th floor of a building and died. Whose husband is named Wang, Fei
According to reliable sources, Wang, Fei has now returned to work at Ogilvy & Mather. His position is higher than before. If it weren't for the Jiang, Yan mess, he would already have been promoted to this position.

Wang Fei returned because his old boss at Ogilvy & Mather regards him highly, demanding that he go there to work (At the time Jiang, Yan died, Wang Fei was working in Saatchi. He and the "little three" (Chinese: 小三, meaning young girls who sleep with older married man) met at Saatchi.)
He and the "little three" are now married.  

Even after he was fired by Saatchi because of the scandal, he still had income as a freelance artist, because a lot of advertising agencies gave him projects.  

After I heard about Wang's return, I really didn't know what to say. There are some things against which the law is quite ineffective, and public admonishment can only do so much. May the dead rest in peace.

My browser is not working properly. Cry.  

The part about his boss has been deleted. After all the man is not directly related to the scandal.

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