October 15, 2009

Letters and Notes Written by Elementary Students

(English poem as it is)
Look at the ending word in each line (don't count the last one).
Also, yesterday when school was dismissing, why did you lean on me? Unless you want to???

Hehe. Not bad, you have learned to write "cang tou" poem (Definition of 藏头诗: Poem in which the first character of each line make up a complete sentence). Listen well, I mean, read carefully: I love you (I swear with my life this is true!) but you? Aiya, are you brainless? I wasn't leaning on you. I just want to be closer to you? Understand?

I am asking you 4 questions today:

1. Why did you hit Li XX? (Reply: He is such a bother)
2. What were you thinking while I "leaned" on you? (Reply: You are so gentle)
3. You were on the bus with Zhang Jing yesterday. Were you happy? Don't worry, I am not angry (Reply: Laoda, why would I be happy? I got on the bus without saying a word to her)
4. If possible, you wish that I were your () (Reply: girlfriend/wife. Do you really want to be close to me? How does your foot feel today? My heart aches for you!)

I am just so happy to see you jumping and running. You should know: You are the only one in my heart. I will not like anyone else again, because
I love you! Yes, "love", not like.

I wish we have some alone time, it would be so relaxing, delightful, and my heart would feel so warm.

What questions did you want to ask me?

I "heart" you!

A few questions for you. You must answer honestly.
97. That day when you mentioned "4 good points". Were they really about me?
(Reply: Yes)
96. If my foot swells up, will you give me a piggback ride? (Reply: Yes, only for you)
95. If you could choose your deskmate again, who would you pick? (Reply: You)
94. Why did you go to Group C? (Reply: Even if I stayed in B, we wouldn't be together)
93. Are you happy or sad that the tape is lost? (Reply: Happy)
92. What does the circle in your Chinese textbook mean? (Reply: It represents you.)
91. On June 1, Children's Holiday, if I ask you to perform with me, will you? (Reply: Yes)
90. What percentage of you is me? (Reply: 87.5% . The rest is me)

Yuan Yuan:

I want to tell you that I love you. In the past, I kinda love X Jing. Now I finally realize what is friendship and what is love.

I must say: Sorry that I made you sad before.

Let us enjoy the good times.

It is sixth grade already. We will be separated in less than one year. I am truly sad, because I don't know that we will be going to the same middle school. If not, phone will be our only way to get in touch...

Yuan, I am so glad that we sit together. I am sure you feel the same. OK, finally, I want to say to you: I love you! Don't forget to write back!

Keep my heart safe.

Doesn't the smiley face mean "Yuan yuan is laughing"? You even said so yourself.

I wish you could gift me with your kiss on Christmas Eve.

You are really willing to give me your virgin kiss???

If Zhang Jing likes me again, I will not like her back. Because "good horses don't eat leftover grass".

I love you! And you?


Today I said to Wang Xiaomeng several times: You love me. But she didn't even lend me her eraser, so I rejected her love, because love requires giving.

Tian Zhixing
Second Grade

Today Dad's friend from internet Aunt Purplesun and its son Da Yuan are coming to our home to play Mom told me not to fight. Gosh, Da Yuan is so fat, even if I wanted to fight him, I wouldn't dare. Adults sometimes are too naive.

Tian Zhixing

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