May 22, 2010

Google Earth for Checking Out Pollution in Chinese Cities

Another clever use of Google Earth, besides scouting for and taxing pool owners like the Greek government does

Original: 【网络通缉令】用GoogleEarth看到的中国各城市排污情况 via Ruan Yifeng's blog

(The post is two years old, but for some reason people are becoming interested once again. I guess a lot of the pollution hasn't been clearing up.)

Pay attention to the bodies of water

1. Bengbu, Anhui (蚌埠)

2. Wuxi, Jiangsu (无锡)

3. Wuhu, Anhui (芜湖)

4. Tianjin (天津)

5. Rizhao, Shandong (日照)

6. Suzhou, Jiangsu (苏州)

7. Hefei, Anhui -- unloading sewage into Chao Lake (one of the five biggest freshwater lakes in mainland China), looks shocking

8. The explosive growth of blue algae in Lake Tai (another one of the five biggest freshwater lakes in mainland China), Wuxi, Jiangsu. Note the picture might not be from 2007

9. The industrial zone of Shaoxing, Zhejiang dumping its waste into Cao'e River (曹娥江)

10. Xiamen, Fuzhou, Xinglin Waste Water Treatment Factory

11. Weifang, Shandong

12. Dagang, Tianjin (天津大港) -- Qingjinghuang Flood Diversion Channel or, as residents fondly call it, Qingjinghuang Drainage River

13. Kunming, Yunnan -- Dian Lake (昆明滇池)

14. Shantou, Guangdong (汕头)

15. Zhangzhou, Fujian (漳州) -- The most decoration-like [useless] waste water treatment factory in the history

16. Quanzhou, Fujian (泉州) -- Industrial zone dumps its sewage into the river. The worst offender appears to be an oil refinery.

17. Fuzhou, Fujian -- City drainage river

18. Wuxi, Jiangsu again

19. Yet another Wuxi, Jiangsu

20. Shizuishan, Ningxia (宁夏石嘴山)

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