January 03, 2010

http://www.ifs.org.cn/ Hacked and Now Back Online

Institute of Forensic Science Ministry of Public Security P.R.C was hacked Beijing time, January 2, 2010.

The "news" was first exposed on Tianya, and one post recorded the whole process. Of course river crabs soon gobbled it up, which is why anyone clicking on the Tianya link would encounter a "404" error (I really wanted to read it...nothing like food preferred by river crabs to rouse the curiosity).

Call it immature or what not, but it really seems Chinese Netizen bystanders are as excited as the hackers?

The takeover of this government website was supposedly a collaborative effort, as attested by the various IDs left on the webpages.

Here is the poem on the front page.
Perhaps, Love and Not in love
by 清风原木
Dying quietly, remembering you in silence
A hacker as skilled as I still could not invade your heart
Overflowing emotions do not even encounter an echo
Despite of capturing so many servers, I am still a Guest

And the poem goes on, in rather bad writing.

Message left by another hacker. There are misspellings...

More at http://bbs.news.163.com/bbs/shishi/161932242.html

What Netizens were conjecturing:
1. Institute of Forensic Science Ministry of Public Security P.R.C is just a lab. Not that important.

2. You call that a poem?

3. I guess by the poem that the hackers are young. They probably learned a thing or two and thought they are already taller than the sky.

4. People, what do you think are the motivations these hackers have?

They actually were aiming for The State Administration of Radio Film and Television but walked through the wrong door?

Wanted to destroy some criminal evidence?

Fell in love with someone at the Ministry?

Love the jail food?

Just learned a couple of techniques and wanted to experiment?

5. Maybe they will be like that Panda Virus guy and receive job offers after a stint in the jailhouse.


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