December 13, 2009

New Bridge Falling Apart: Workers Seal Cracks with Glue

One can fit a hand in the crack
Bridge supports "miraculously" patched together by glue

Earlier this month, Nanjing citizens observed more than 30 cracks in the supporting pillars of the newly-built 50 million yuan arch bridge at Han Zhong Gate (汉中门). The cracks all follow a regular pattern and appeared to be in the shape of an arch. After examining the bridge closely, one retired engineer commented: "This is no simple expansion of freezing water. The bridge structure is probably fundamentally flawed. If the cause turns out to be that the surface is not transferring stress properly to its supports, then we have one grave problem on hand."

After concerned citizens filed complaints against the shoddy construction job, contractors worked overnight to fill the bridge cracks with glue. As the pictures show, the "scars" are quite conspicuous.

The bureau in charge of Nanjing Infrastructure quickly took emergency actions to identify ways to improve bridge safety. Furthermore, it apologized on behalf of the bridge contractors, whose attempt to seal cracks with glue could have negative consequences for the society. The bureau planned further investigation into the matter, promising to mete out punishment to all guilty parties.

Meanwhile, Chinese Netizens expressed outrage online over the latest tofu-dreg project. "Sealing cracks with glue? What do they propose to deal with the giant gaping holes in their conscience?"


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  1. "giant gaping holes in their conscience?"
    What conscience ? Was it given up in the 50's ?

  2. @ Bill Rich

    By general consensus, conscience in China met its demise around 1970s

  3. I think it died when DXP said, "To get rich is glorious."


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