December 23, 2009

Foxit Reader

When searching for an alternative to Adobe Reader, I discovered Foxit Reader, which is also free. As far as I see, it has several advantages:
  • Occupies less space. Foxit 5MB vs. Adobe Reader 38MB
  • Allows the user to comment any PDF
  • Faster start-up than Adobe, which might or might not make a difference to users
  • Opens up files in tabs rather than separate windows (This is a relief because the separate window feature used to be one of my pet peeves)
  • And I think it crashes less too--need to experiment with this
There is one flaw, however, which is
  • The Foxit plugin doesn't work so well with Firefox. Internet Explorer has no problem.
In my case, the reason I have to use Foxit Reader is its commenting/highlighting feature, which comes in handy when having to read many PDF documents. Paying for Adobe Professional can also solve the problem, but since I have little use for Professional's other features, buying it would be an overkill.

Depending on what your needs are, you might find Foxit to be a better option than Adobe Reader. Just letting whoever stumbles upon this blog know that there is a choice.

Oh, and to everyone, Happy Holidays!

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