June 01, 2010

Creative Kiss Challenge on Streets of Xi'an


One Xi'an merchant hosted a Creative Kiss Challenge on May 29, 2010. More than 10 pairs of young people competed for the 888 yuan cash prize by publicly engaging in long and enthusiastic kisses. There were also some on-spot pairings between stranger men and women. The spectacle drew surprised exclamations from the crowd. The participants all said that the results do not matter; what they enjoy is the process.

Most Popular Comments:
淡青 from Ganzhou, Jiangxi 2010-05-30 04:32:25
Their heads are filled with shit.
One day there might even be a creative love-making contest. Truly preposterous...

ㄣ新Оo生ゞ from Guangzhou, Guangdong 2010-05-30 04:08:25
Why do I feel people are becoming more perverted? Those who agree vote for my comment.

I am finally starting to believe that China has 0.1 billion crazies.

Just丶旋律゛ from Kaifeng, Henan
Is that boy-girl or boy-boy pairing in the third photo?

顺心 from Ulaan Chab, Inner Mongolia
Livestock only mate when they are in heat. These are worse than livestock! What a disgrace.

80后dê緈諨 from Ezhou, Hubei
Let's do a masturbation session tomorrow.

自由人 from Beijing 2010-05-30 19:13:02
For a cultural province like Shanxi to hold this contest, first the merchant is retarded and second the participants' parents forgot to teach their kids. What loss of face, children.

As someone who is from Shanxi, I am ashamed.

我爱你,单县 from Heze, Shandong 2010-05-30 04:31:01
I would just do with this my wife at home.

打死也不说 2010-05-30 05:38:39
Their mouth stink from all the kissing. Gross!

落雨郁郁 from Nanning, Guangxi 2010-05-30 04:31:16
2012 is almost here! Kiss away while you still can

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