June 16, 2010

An Advertisement from One Immigration Agency

Translation: 为什么您应该移民加拿大美国?

Dear Customers, why should you immigrate to America?

1. Children

Any children born in the U.S. are automatically naturalized, whereas in Beijing you have to pay 240,000 yuan for each birth that violates the one-child policy.

In U.S. you may have additional children without fearing fines. In Canada, the government even pays for your baby formula.

2. Primary and secondary school tuition

In the U.S., local residents enjoy compulsory [and free] K-12 education.

If an intermediary agency arranges for your schools and visas, then tuition becomes more than $30,000 per year after the children arrive in the U.S. (approaching 210,000 yuan). 3 consecutive years equals more than 600,000 yuan.

3. College tuition

In-state residents only pay $3000 annually to attend U.S. universities, but out-of-state students must pay $20,000. Immigration can save you $17,000 per year x 4 years = $68,000 (or approximately 500,000 yuan)

4. Student loans

U.S. and Canadian students can easily obtain loans. In fact, many students put themselves through college with loans and wages. Permanent residents 18 years or older are eligible to apply for all kinds of student loans, which may be paid back after graduation in installments that are only 10%-20% of their salary. International students, on the other hands, are not entitled to these benefits.

5. Government-assisted job search

The U.S. government has various specialized departments helping citizens search for jobs free. Permanent residents just need to register with these departments and describe their skill sets and strengths, after which job opportunities information are sent to them without charge. At the same time, these departments fund many training programs for the jobless, such as computer and English classes.

6. Travel

A majority of nations excuse U.S. permanent residents from obtaining visa.

7. Back-home Investments

Green card holders qualify as overseas Chinese. Their investments back home in China are treated as foreign or joint ventures and enjoy many preferential policies.

8. Retirement Benefits

Once U.S. green card holders have paid taxes for ten years (greater than $50 in tax each month), they may after retirement (around 65 years old) receive social security anywhere from $700 to $1200.

9. Unemployment benefits

People who had normal income and paid tax for longer than 6 months can request government assistance at relevant departments when they become unemployed. The assistance is $600-1200 per month.

10. The humane treatment you will receive after accidents

In the case of accidents (traffic accident or sudden illnesses), the U.S. makes human lives its top priority. Even if you tell the hospitals that you have no money to pay for surgery, doctors still strive to rescue you.

11. Other reasons

U.S. has clean air, blue skies, pure drinking water, large lawns where children can play, better municipal policies, and superior traffic management. People there are relatively calmer.

You need not worry that your child will die from Sanlu milk or ingest toxic food colorings, drainage oil and hormone overdoses in meat.

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