February 21, 2010

"This Van Passed Me On the A11 expressway"

Driving can be hazardous...

Translation: "This Van Passed Me On the A11 expressway, I need consolation"

Around 2:30 PM on February 20, I was driving toward Shanghai at a leisurely speed of 100 km per hour under the sun. Suddenly, a vehicle sped up to my side. Once I saw that it was just a van, I stopped paying attention, but a strange feeling lingered--it didn't have a driver!! Fuck!! Remote controlled van!! Invasion by UFO!!! Then I look at it again, oh~~my lady gaga, its windows are totally closed off, including the one by the driver's side, and it is missing the left rearview mirror~~~~~Huge sweat drop, this guy is driving blind!!! One-eyed Jack and missing an ear!! Fuck!!! This is some talent!!! The brother probably got into some accident that destroyed all the glasses, and now he is doing a make-shift job with duck tape, I don't know how he got on the interstate high way, and how he obtained the card~~~Let me get away from him. I need to run for my life~~~


No rearview mirror, or windows. It is gonna be dangerous when he changes lane.

Show us the front windshield!

The tollways only care about making money and not what drives on it.

How did he get past the toll booth? Open the door to pay his fees and get his card? And they didn't do anything??

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