September 27, 2010

Important Announcement from Dalian University of Foreign Languages

This appeared on Shanghai Rexian (Shanghai Hotline), so I am assuming the article has been fact-checked.

Translation: (大连外国语学院的重要通知)

Important Announcement from Dalian University of Foreign Languages to Its Student Body

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev is visiting our campus tomorrow. Due to security reasons, the school will implement martial law. There will be no classes on the day of the visit. The September 26th lessons (actually the 24th) are pushed back. Make-up sessions for morning classes will be scheduled for October 13th (Wednesday). Make-ups for afternoon classes will be held on October 20 (Wednesday).

All students must follow the next two orders:

1. Campus shutdown commences at 8PM tonight. Those who want to go home must leave quickly (otherwise you won't be able to come in or get out)

2. Students should restrict their activities tomorrow to dormitories, the multi-purpose building, and the cafeteria. Do not go to the basketball court! The south stadium will be under martial law. Those who venture outside of the boundary will risk being shot to death on spot!

3. Do no hang blankets and clothes out to dry. Balconies must be neat and the doors locked tight. Pull up all curtains. Do not crowd onto the balconies to stare, as there will be snipers on the roof.

All students please take precautions.


(Online discussions between Netizens seem to confirm it. For example, one student from adouban group mentioned
Actually we couldn't see anything. The school told us not to leave our dorms. We were not allowed to go to the classroom or to the track field. All sorts of lockdown...

There were supposedly snipers on the rooftops, who would open fire if we came out. So we spent the whole morning trying to locate them...

其实我们都看不见 学校要求不须出寝室楼 不许去教学楼 不许去操场 各种封锁...

据说有狙击手在楼顶 出去就shoot 我们找了一上午...
But yea, anyone personally knows anybody from that university?)

September 24, 2010

Tianya Reactions to Chinese Asylum Seekers's 2-day Rooftop Protest

Australia recently saw several waves of illegal immigrants promising suicides if they were not granted asylum. The latest group to threaten death was Chinese, prompting a "lively" discussion on the popular Tianya forum...

First post by sydneyaus

On September 22, 2010, 9 Chinese nationals climbed onto a rooftop in Sidney and claimed that they would jump.

The group of nine includes both men and women who are staying in Australia illegally on expired visas. The Australian government has sent them to detention center to await deportation.

Yesterday, these 9 people climbed onto a 1-story high rooftop. They claim that if sent home, they will be subjected to persecution and torture at the hands of Chinese government. If Australia does not give them the green card and allow them to stay in the country indefinitely, they shall collectively jump to their death the next day.

Among them was a 20-something pregnant woman. She had been in the detention center for more than 6 months and is now 2 months pregnant. She is leveraging her pregnancy in her request for permanennt resident status.

Comments which rapidly degenerated into name-calling and cussing:

鹤发童颜美少爷 2010-09-23 10:29:24 
This group seems to meet none of the immigration criteria.
I hope they won't come back.
Those who always blame the sky, the earth, and the government--governments on both sides at that--should set up their own nation.

不醉醒 2010-09-23 10:58:17 
The rooftop has the same height as the utility poles, and the poles are only two-men tall. What kind of human being would climb a short two-story building to threaten suicide? This is shameful. China should refuse them entry back into the border.
zhj_mv 2010-09-23 10:23:33 
How is that woman 2 months pregnant when she has been in the detention center for 6 months?

马甲123 2010-09-23 11:01:25
Conditions of their prison stay are quite lax. Both sexes are allowed to mingle. She made very good use of her time

sydneyaus 2010-09-23 11:02:25 
6 months detention. 2 months pregnancy.
There were more than 5000 so-called refugees at the detention center.
The community is co-ed and people can move about freely.
Sort of like house arrest. They just can't leave the detention center.
The woman started sleeping with a Chinese man, so she conceived.

最爱哈士奇 2010-09-23 11:12:08 
Despite of an uncertain future, she still remembered to continue the family line. You gotta respect her spirit.

DreamingKing1227 2010-09-23 13:08:17 
She should add one more statement: If I don't giver birth to my child here, China will force me to abort the fetus. Balabalabala.

The rooftop doesn't look too high. Little kids might get a broken bone or two. I hope they don't find out after making the jump that they can't even get a scratch. Then they might have to return to the rooftop and promise "We will jump again at 3:00 AM if you refuse our requests!"

坐火箭的猪胖胖 2010-09-23 10:53:17 
Good riddance. Jump, don't wait! We can't afford to lose more face. And is China as terrible as what they say? Persecuting them? What did they do?

番茄是 2010-09-23 11:00:42 
These things don't look like the type that China would persecute and toruture.

People who don't have what it takes will always be unsuccessful regardless of whether they are in China or Australia.

斜倚悠然 2010-09-23 10:59:17 

Not everyone qualifies to be an asylee. Mostly people are illegal immigrations.

The conditions for becoming a refuge are strict. Since China is not afflicted by wars or catastrophes, it is hard to seek asylum.

As far as what people do to get green cards--these are not the worst. Some people will join Falun Gong so that they can stay in the U.S. once visas expire.

What they did isn't all that atrocious. After abandoning all they had in China, going through all this trouble to come to Australia, and then not be able to make money, they don't want to return for fear of neighbors' ridicule. To avoid losing face, they would rather die.

湖边的猫 2010-09-23 16:43:36   
Therefore they do their best to trash China. If they qualify for political asylum, they can get refugee visa. I mean, many foreigners already think Red China is evil; talking on the street lands you in jail or leads to death or something.
I don't know how it is in Australia. But in Europe where I am staying, asylees must abide by all kinds of rules to receive sustenance. They regularly report [to the government] and once assigned a place, they can't easily go anywhere else. Once I met a man on the street who asked me to read a letter. It was a fine notice because he had traveled to another city for fun.
I really don't understand people that go to strange places to receive the minimal subsistence while having to endure constant surveillance.
天神的眼泪 2010-09-23 10:38:37 
No wonder, Fujian people again. They come from Province of Illegal Immigration

何方妖涅 2010-09-23 11:10:54 
I also feel ashamed, but Fujian is not the only province to produce illegal immigrants. 
Fujianers want to go out only because many overseas Chinese are from here.

Not as many from other provinces go because there aren't anyone to care for them once they get to the other side.

I might not like Fujian, but I don't tolerate people criticizing her either.

外貌协会会长 2010-09-23 12:22:45 
This angers and amuses me at the same time.

Rooftops will be in high demand if the Australian government acquiesces to their requests.

Can they even die by jumping off an one-story building? At the worst, they can become crippled.

If they really wished to jump, why not seek out a skyscraper?

China is not at war, how can there be refugees?

And what could they have possibly done to deserve persecution?

Australia, let them jump. They can reincarnate as foreigners in the next life.

China doesn't want them back either.

出门探荷 2010-09-23 12:52:09 
They could be from the southeast coast region. Not sure about the province.

To them, deportation after they had borrowed money to leave China is a fate worse than death.

In those regions, people cannot lend you money to go to college but they can finance illegal immigration.

Those of you who surf the internet during work hours will never understand their predicament.
漫天飞舞的滚滚 2010-09-23 12:52:41 
These people just want to be freeloaders in Australia, because China doesn't have the proper conditions for parasites.

Bad English, no work skills to speak off...

The government is obligated to take care of them once they receive green cards. They don't even have to work. What a fantastic plan.

Utterly unambitious 20 year olds. Wasted no time rolling in the haystack though.

Mkliuss 2010-09-23 13:43:36 
Australia should let them jump. They demand human rights? Well, you wanted to die, so we couldn't very well stop you or we would be neglecting your rights. Jump jump!

不再8了 2010-09-23 15:52:04 
Since they so badly want to be Australians, China should take back their Chinese citizenship.

白桦林的两个版本 2010-09-23 16:30:04 
Reading this post four hours later. They are still tarrying.

本后_啧啧啧 2010-09-23 16:55:17 
From Fujian...

One time when I was at the embassy for my visa, a student next to me had his application rejected all because his home town was in Fujian.

Why are these people bent on giving Fujian citizens trouble?

Just because they aren't making as much money, they resort to illegal immigration. Selfish bastards. Young, strong people can't make a living in China?

And they dared to talk about persecution. Even if the government doesn't do it, their hometown residents will kill them.

DONGXIE1 2010-09-23 20:54:16 
I believe that this news will only prove one thing, that is--Australian houses have really good rooftops, which can support the weight of 9 humans including a pregnant woman. These also are 9 fairly emotional individuals doing some stomping. Yet, the rooftop withstood all that.

I suggest Chinese buildings learn from their Australian counterparts.

丢失的酒瓶 2010-09-23 21:23:06 
I don't feel they caused Chinese to lose face. They only represent themselves, not me.

In contrast, the Chinese government caused us to lose face long ago. Like it would rather donate money to foreign countries than to its suffering citizens.

How nice it would be if 90% of Australians were Chinese.    

寒雪孤鸿 2010-09-24 00:31:32 
It only costs a few thousand Australian dollars to purchase refugee status from Falun Gong. In return, one can never go back to China. Normal people aren't willing to make this sacrifice.

These 9 who would rather lose face than paying that money are truly some fine specimens.

Although this is bad of me to say, Australia should make them permanent residents so that they won't come back and harm China.

verypink 2010-09-24 07:45:43 
Why do I think Australia did this one purpose?

Look at the rooftop. They cannot possibly die from falling. Put a few air cushions underneath, and let the police drag them down.

Instead, Australia invited every news station large and small, carrying tons of cameras.

They even provided the 9 with food and water...making sure they have a great time up there, lest they come down.

Soon the whole world will learn of China's persecution and that these people would rather jump off buildings than face it.

wjqsbd 2010-09-24 08:51:01 
I'd rather die than going back to China. I can well imagine the hell China is. Everybody on that rooftop is quite sensible.

渡潇湘过五湖 2010-09-24 09:21:07 
Look at all these replies

"We all await the moment when they jump. 56 minutes. Counting down!!!"
"Chomping on apple while waiting"
"Eating plum while waiting"
"Drinking tea while waiting. Die. Find a Australian family to be reborn into, then they will become Australian citizens"
"Eating beef jerky while waiting."
"Happily waiting"
"Putting both legs up on the desk and waiting."
"Hubby taking a bath first and I am cleaning the rooms. They will probably have jumped by the time we finish bathing and cleaning."

These people look like they can eat blood buns. Let's first not discuss whether those young men did right or wrong. The replies fully show the inferiority of our nation which hasn't made progress in the past 100 years or so. Don't forget, your lack of sympathy for others means that in the future you will be on the receiving end of such jeering.

讨厌死机 2010-09-24 09:38:12 
Jump, don't worry about the Chinese face which has been lost long time ago. It makes no difference if you lose it again, at least you are fighting for a better future. God gave us rights. Good luck to you all.

lookforgun 2010-09-24 09:38:57 
These materialistic, low quality, treasonous illegal immigrants from Fujian and other coastal areas is the main reason other countries look down on Chinese. These are the true scums. They are our shame!

关公面前玩小刀 2010-09-24 09:43:11 
At first I was going to say how unfortunate these people are to die in a foreign country. After reading post I kind of wilted.

sozj 2010-09-24 09:43:04 
The pressures and stress of living in China are too much. Social warefare is terrible. I feel numb watching those news day in and day out. The people who finally escaped, of course they will do everything possible to stay.

杜博简 2010-09-24 10:05:21 
This forum is crawling with retards, who have nothing better to do than to gossip. They can't even show some sympathy for their brothers and sisters. This is the typical Chinese slave mentality: even though they belong to the oppressed class whose interests are trampled, they still like to consider problems from rulers' standpoint. The concept of nation and ethnicity in this case is too limited. We need to take a humanitarian view when talking about the pursuit of happiness.

Why should we be doomed to servitude just because we are Chinese? Yes, the rich and powerful can legally sent their scions abroad to experience life in the abyss of misery called captialism , but is their money really clean? Why can't normal people fight for a better life? Is money that come from corruption or tax evasion any different than loot?

Illegal immigration is popular in Fujian because everybody who left China are able to improve their lives. So they would rather die in a foreign land than come home. Now who should be reflecting on this?

flw9804m 2010-09-24 10:37:45
Bro, I strongly support you. Those SBs aren't human. People are about to kill themselves, yet all the SBs can say are "die quickly, why haven't you died yet?" If this were their neighbors back in China, they probably would also say, "drop dead; don't taint our community reputation. You deserve to die. The important thing is I live well." A bunch of idiots. Worse than brutes.

DONGXIE1 2010-09-24 10:43:55 
Do you really think their shameful action is justified? Is it right to threaten suicide and lose face so that they can get green cards?
China sucks, any country is 100% better than China, is this what you think?

Even if China were terrible and other countries more humanitarian, I have to point out again that tourist visas only require a few thousand yuan. Collect enough trip fare and you can all be on your way to the imaginary happy life.

flw9804m 2010-09-24 10:50:30 
Regardless, these are your country men. Though you would like to deny it, the same blood flows in our veins. They are just like you and me.
All other issues can be resolved, but life is too important. Netizens who goad people to jump are lower than animals. In this post, I have glimpsed into the dark psyche of many Chinese. What a group of SB idiots.

兰露雅 2010-09-24 11:09:01 
Just to be clear, they would rather die than be your country man. Calling you a peacock [narcissistic] insults the peacock's intelligence. Besides, I don't consider sell outs my compatriots.

fengleiiloveyou1 2010-09-24 11:31:05 
Sigh, I don't know what to say, but I want to leave China too. Housing prices are too high, wages too low, no security in life, kid tuitions too much. I am afraid to get sick, because I have no money to pay for doctors and medicines. I would willingly die if doing so can procure a better life for my children.

未央柳如眉 2010-09-24 11:41:45 
All you elitists quit jumping up and down. China is poor. There is a gap between China and Australia. But this does not justify their SB actions.
Consider a poor family and a rich family. Some poor SB sneak into the rich people's house, see that a few lazy bums are having a good time, so they decide to squat. They demand that the rich people feed them for the rest of their lives; otherwise, they would hang themselves. This is some messed up logic!
They are making us lose face big time. Die and be born elsewhere.

thisisengland 2010-09-25 07:19:56 
I live in England. You can't imagine how many Fujian illegal immigrants are here. Most of them have legal status--the asylum seekers. Even though China doesn't have war or turmoil, as long as Fujian people can get into England, toss away their visa, and tell the police that they want asylum, then they can't very easily be deported.
Due to nature of my employment, I have come into contact with quite a few illegals. I was sympathetic at first. After a while, 9 out of 10 make me angry. They are exactly the ignorant and backward Chinese Lu Xun wrote about. They come here, receive government subsidies, live in government housing, or pay for housing with government money. They enjoy free medical care and are reguarly visited by social workers. However, they take all this for granted, and then, they find some way to work illegally.
During the two years of my work, I have rarely met any grateful Fujian refugees.
Countless Netizens before have urged us to have more sympathy. Some even talked about human rights. I totaly agree that every man has a right to pursue happiness, as long as he doesn't hurt others, complies with social norms, and abides by the bottom lies. The ones I have seen are focused solely on gold digging. They think getting higher education and learning English (even the most basic) are baloney. When others help them, it is because these people want to help them [so they owe the helpers nothing]. But as soon as a hurdle appears, they start cussing the awful British government and complain about England. Fuck, didn't you ask to come here first? You climbed mountains, crossed rivers, rode cars and boats, risked your lives, and paid tons of money to the snakeheads, because you thought all you had to do is show up in England and start harvesting money.
So these men come from Fujian villages. Due to the current situation in China, local investments in education are lacking and some regions have not developed. Since birth, these people has had much fewer opportunies than children born in Beijing and Shanghai. Nevertheless, the lagging rural develpment isn't confined to Fujian. What about the northwest? What about poor provinces located inland? Fuqing Fujian is by no means the poorest. Should the poorer regions kill themselves too? The impressions I have of these refugees is that they don't care for education or living a better life via their own ability. Their concept for improving their lot in life is: instead of going to school unnecessarily, they should illegally enter another country while they are still young and make a few bucks, be it in U.S., Europe, Canada, Australia, or Japan.
I also believe that illegal immigation in Fuqing Fujian regions is not a problem to be solved in one day. A huge network has formed over time, consisting of contacts, snakeheads, and people to help them settle in after they arrive. The locals have many fixed ideas concerning all this.
Thus, I firmly support Western nations' efforts to crack down illegal immigration. Tolerance in the past has made these "refugees" eager and fearless. If the governments don't mete out punishment and make a case, then they are indirectly encouraging human trafficking and transnational organized crime.
I don't have even a penny worth of sympathy for these 9.

September 04, 2010

Post-90s Girls Fight Over Boyfriend; Slap Each Other More than 50 Times

Chinese news can be totally whacky sometimes.

Translation: (两90后女生列车上为争抢男友 互抽耳光五十余下 from Yangtse Evening Post via Sohu news)

On the morning of September 1, a verbal argument between two post-90s1 girls who were riding on the west Nanjing to Chengdu K722 train escalated into a fight. By the time security guard arrived on scene, they had already slapped each other more than 50 times.

Around 9AM when the train was heading towards Hefei, security guards on board received a report about two young women hitting each other in the hard seat section. Personnel who handled the case recall hearing loud slapping sounds while he was still far away from the particular carriage. At the scene, two fashionable-looking girls no more than 17 or 18 years old angrily stared at each other and ferociously smacked each other's face. Surrounding passengers appeared stupefied at the outbreak.

It turned out that the two girls were traveling with another boy, who was fiddling with his cellphone throughout this fight, and they had been in arguments ever since the trio embarked on train in Nanjing. At first they were only bickering in low voices. Suddenly, one of the girls extracted several debit cards from her purse, saying to the boy: "My cards have 50,000 yuan." Not to be outdone, the other girl took out hers and declared, "I have 70,000 yuan. Be my boyfriend." This verbal exchange immediately drew other passengers' attention. The boy sat silent, looking a little resigned. The two females then launched a contest. They bragged about family backgrounds first. Next they began to compare clothing, watches, and shoes. The losing side got angry and slapped her opponent. The other girl immediately requited the favor.

During questioning, the three told the police that they live in Nanjing and were classmates in one of the high schools there. The two girls are Xiao Xiao and Min Jia; the boy is Zi Xuan. At only 18 years of age, they are recently graduated from high school. Both Xiao Xiao and Min Jia come from well-off families. Zi Xuan is not rich but does well in school and is handsome. Although he gained the favor of Xiao Xiao and Min Jia, Zi Xuan had always declined their attentions. After graduation, Zi Xuan was admitted into a Hefei university with high marks. Xiao Xiao and Min Jia also applied for schools in Hefei and were accepted. As soon as they learned that Zi Xuan was going to Hefei by train, they each bought a ticket and managed to switch seats with other people to sit by Zi Xuan's side.

The trio got off the train at Hefei station. Police noticed that the girls still closely trailed the boy after they disembarked.

回着头 2010-09-01 16:37:09

One word, cheap.
Two words, very cheap.
Three words, truly very cheap.

Netizen from Dalian 2010-09-02 03:45:23143879513

This is one difficult choice facing a boy who just reached adulthood. He cannot just look at the amount of money on the debit cards. I believe it is more important to compare total family assets, if the girls are only child (preferable), and whether their parents have properties or work as government officials. Make a decision only after full consideration. Once the choice is made, get her pregnant. At least now marriage is permitted in college. Make sure the relationship can't be undone, and then plan his next step accordingly.

Netizen from Jiangsu 2010-09-01 17:37:03

Lucky boy. Let's hope he won't become a womanizer. He needs to either clearly choose one or refuse both.

james0007 2010-09-01 17:49:30

Do you think you are Qiong Yao writing romance novels? Get some journalistic ethics, please.

Netizen from Wenzhou, Zhejiang 2010-09-01 17:37:16

I didn't even know people like this existed! I learned something new!
1 It means people born in during 1990-1999 period.

September 01, 2010

A Lesson in Dishonesty

Translation: (From Zheng Yuanjie's microblog)

A true story that took place in one of Beijing's key elementary schools: the class head master asked students to anonymously write down their opinions of her, promising no retaliation regardless of the content. Two children voiced negative opinions. The head master was enraged. She demanded that whoever wrote these negative comments to surrender and confess. The class fell silent. Sneeringly, the teacher proceeded to read the eulogies. Once she finished reading, the writer had to come up to claim ownership. Thus, she was able to screen her pupils one by one, in the manner of the movie The Message. Finally the two culprits were caught. This marked the beginning of their hellish fates. They might be better off dead.

The tweet has been re-posted numerous times on Chinese websites, newspapers, and forums. As someone so eloquently put it, the teacher was too good in that she managed to decimate the only two honest kids in her class. The deed must be recognized.

P.S. Have been adapting to some recent major life changes. Will try to update more regularly now..
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