September 27, 2010

Important Announcement from Dalian University of Foreign Languages

This appeared on Shanghai Rexian (Shanghai Hotline), so I am assuming the article has been fact-checked.

Translation: (大连外国语学院的重要通知)

Important Announcement from Dalian University of Foreign Languages to Its Student Body

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev is visiting our campus tomorrow. Due to security reasons, the school will implement martial law. There will be no classes on the day of the visit. The September 26th lessons (actually the 24th) are pushed back. Make-up sessions for morning classes will be scheduled for October 13th (Wednesday). Make-ups for afternoon classes will be held on October 20 (Wednesday).

All students must follow the next two orders:

1. Campus shutdown commences at 8PM tonight. Those who want to go home must leave quickly (otherwise you won't be able to come in or get out)

2. Students should restrict their activities tomorrow to dormitories, the multi-purpose building, and the cafeteria. Do not go to the basketball court! The south stadium will be under martial law. Those who venture outside of the boundary will risk being shot to death on spot!

3. Do no hang blankets and clothes out to dry. Balconies must be neat and the doors locked tight. Pull up all curtains. Do not crowd onto the balconies to stare, as there will be snipers on the roof.

All students please take precautions.


(Online discussions between Netizens seem to confirm it. For example, one student from adouban group mentioned
Actually we couldn't see anything. The school told us not to leave our dorms. We were not allowed to go to the classroom or to the track field. All sorts of lockdown...

There were supposedly snipers on the rooftops, who would open fire if we came out. So we spent the whole morning trying to locate them...

其实我们都看不见 学校要求不须出寝室楼 不许去教学楼 不许去操场 各种封锁...

据说有狙击手在楼顶 出去就shoot 我们找了一上午...
But yea, anyone personally knows anybody from that university?)

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