December 01, 2010

Reason Why Chinese Customers Aren't Receiving Their Packages

Some Chinese internet users are trying to find out why their packages take forever to appear (e.g. question posed on November 26th: Is shipping very slow these days? One of my packages got stuck in some random place for several days)

In response, Taobao, an Ebay-like company based in China, made the following announcement in its forum:

All Taobao members,

Hello. We would like to thank everyone for his/her long time support. Ever since the middle of October, we have been experiencing unprecedented trade volumes. This put enormous pressure on Chinese package delivery companies. Even after increasing the number of their employees, transportation vehicles, and making employees work overtime, the companies still cannot clear up the severe backlog of goods that need to be shipped. Furthermore, diesel rationing throughout China is compounding the problem. In the south, some 2000 citizen-owned gasoline stations have shut down due to lack of fuel supply, creating difficulties for the companies.

Because they couldn't obtain any diesel fuel, delivery trucks stopped running. Many packages that should have been on the road now sit in giant piles on the sorting facility floor. We ask that Taobao members to please be understanding, as Taobao is also actively managing the resources to ensure your goods are safely delivered. Thank you again for your support!

Comments (just picking a few because there are too many):

紫泪1 2010-11-05 11:18
I hope the buyers can be understanding too.

taoqi24 2010-11-05 11:19
Why aren't there any replies in this post? Yes, the shipping services have noticeably slowed. First Yunnan, later Sichuan, Guizhou, and Gansu. I sell food. This outage is driving quite a few customers mad, so I have to log on daily to explain to them the situation. I hope Taobao can put up an official explanation and help deal with the negating/neutral ratings I received because of this.
A month later

剑行天下1981 28 minutes ago
No wonder my customers still haven't gotten their winter coats. They have been telling me that if the clothes don't come soon, they might freeze to death. Please hurry up!

善为本22488 10 minutes ago
Why is my first Taobao experience turning out to be such a drag? The scarf I ordered has been on the road for half a month now. God! Why am I so unlucky!

kancizhang 1 minute ago
Such things are quite normal in China!

可可乐乐le just now
Your excuse sucks big time! Shame on you! I just called China Postal Office. They told me the seller chose the cheapest shipping method, and that's why my stuff haven't arrived after 7 days. Normal express shipments are never this slow, because the customers can demand a refund for bad service. So please answer me, if the problem were really fuel shortage, then everybody would be eligible for pay back. That would make the postal office bankrupt, their personnel not only working without pay but having to give money away. Tell me, what idiots conduct business like this? No gasoline? As a state-owned enterprise, can't China Postal Office use its privileges to get some gas?


  1. 民营 is a non-state-owned business, i.e. a private business. In China some people shy away from the word 私营 for various reasons but that's basically what the OP is getting at.


  2. Seems okay if you live in Beijing :P

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