April 03, 2010

Famous News Show Host Bai Yansong Censored by Wuxi Media

Photo taken during Bai Yansong's Wuxi talk

Translation: I first saw the news on Yang Haipeng (杨海鹏)'s microblog. He is a senior reporter working for magazine Caijing. The photos and detailed information are taken from 长城论坛

By invitation, famous CCTV news show host Bai Yansong (白岩松) gave a talk on March 20 in Wuxi, Jiangsu. The event, titled "China and the World," is part of the Wuxi seminar series Weekend Forum.

Mr. Bai's lecture revolves around the following theme: analyze the world--treat it as our mirror; protect the environment--there is still much to be done; education--it should bring children safety and warmth; gun culture--the balance between freedom and government power.

A large part of the talk involved lively exchanges between Mr. Bai Yansong and the audience. His sense of humor and words of wisdom won continuous applause from the listeners. When commenting on the gun culture in U.S.A., he said: "The environment and conditions in China do not permit gun ownership. If China allowed freedom of arms, it would eliminate forced demolition (forced demolition--government or businesses forcing citizens off their land so that seized property can be developed into commercial real estate)." He then elaborated, "We should look at the ideals behind U.S. gun culture. They are respect, protection of citizens' rights and properties, checks and balances that limit the government branches."

Mr. Bai's insights and answers were met with enthusiastic applause. The talk was immediately followed by accurate coverage from Wuxi's Jiangnan Evening Newspaper. However, the digital publication on the newspaper's website http://www.wxrb.com was quickly censored. On March 22, Wuxi Daily Newspaper (the same company that owns Jiangnan Evening Newspaper owns Wuxi Daily Newspaper) deleted the part "If China allowed freedom of arms, it would eliminate forced demolition."

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